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E50 Front Brake Pad Set (10 IN STOCK)
These Front brake pads fit all models of E50 both petrol and diesel supplied by Solid Auto a major specialist Japanese vehicle parts supplier.
Price: £28.79
E50 Front brake Pads (2 IN STOCK)
These Brake Pads by Blueprint, the leading Asian parts supplier will fit both the E50 and E51.
Price: £38.95
Front Brake pad set (2 SETS IN STOCK)
This brake pad set by DriveTec will fit the front of all E50 and E51 models. A feature of these pads is the little spring steel sounding strip at the end of each brake pad that will make a noise when the pads becomes worn meaning you will not damage your brake discs by accidentaly wearing your pads down to the metal backing.
Price: £28.80
Front Brake Pads for E50 and E51 (1 SET IN STOCK)
These quality front brake pads by Delphi have wear sounders to alert you when they will need replacing before they damage your expensive brake discs.
Price: £37.97
E50 and E51 Front brake pad set by Apec. (1SET IN STOCK)
This set of brake pads by Apec has an audible spring steel warning device on all 4 pads to prevent you wearing your pads.right down and damaging your brake discs.
Price: £43.66
E50 Front Brake Disc Set (NO STOCK, DUE IN LATE APRIL)
These E50 front brake Discs are from Blueprint the number 1 company specialising in Asian car parts.
Price: £141.25
E50 Front brake caliper seal kit ( NO STOCK)
This seal kit by Febest will recon both front brake calipers on all E50 models. It comprises of 4 PISTON SEALS 4 PISTON BOOTS 4 SLIDE PIN BOOTS 2 SLIDE PIN O RINGS 2 BLEED NIPPLE COVERS 2 PACKS RUBBER GREASE 2 PACKS OF SLIDE PIN GREASE. Please make sure this kit is fitted by a compitant mechanic due to the safety of the vehicle.
Price: £20.07
Front Brake Calliper UPPER Slide Pin. (6 IN STOCK)
This is the top slide pin for either side top position in the FRONT Brake Calliper.
Price: £6.72
Front Brake Calliper LOWER Slide Pin. (6 IN STOCK)
This is the bottom slide pin for either side lower position in the FRONT Brake Calliper.
Price: £4.56
E50 3.5 V6 Oil Filter (11 IN STOCK)
This Oil Filter by Solid Auto a major supplier of Japanese vehicle parts and comes complete with a FREE sump plug washer.
Price: £4.99
E50 Blueprint Oil Filter for V6 3.5 Litre (11 IN STOCK)
This oil filter is suitable for the E50 3.5 Litre V6 and the E51 from 2002 to October 2007.
Price: £5.85
Fujitoyo Oil filter E50 V6 3.5 and E51 to Oct 2007 (SORRY OUT OF STOCK)
This oil filter fits E50 3.5 and E51s to Oct 2007
Price: £5.07
E50 3.5 V6 Oil Filter (NO CURRENT STOCK)
This Comline Oil Filter fits the E50 V6 3.5 engine
Price: £5.37
E50 Oil Filter fits V6 3.3 Litre engine (7 IN STOCK)
This Mann Filter not only fits the E50 3.3 V6 engine but is also used on the E51 from Oct 2007 to 2010.
Price: £6.89
E50 3.2 Litre Diesel Oil Filter (2 IN STOCK)
This Blueprint Oil Filter fits the 3.2 Litre diesel engined E50 range.
Price: £13.21
E50 3.2 Diesel Engine Oil Filter (2 IN STOCK)
These Oil Filters are manufactured in Japan for Solid Auto and fits the E50 3.2 Engine.
Price: £9.20
E50 3.0 Engine Oil Filter (7 IN STOCK)
This Blueprint Oil Filter fits the 3.0 Diesel engine.
Price: £9.65
E50 3.0 Litre Engine Oil Filter (1 IN STOCK)
This Engine oil filter fits the 3.0 diesel E50 model range.
Price: £8.56
E50 V6 Air Filter (10 IN STOCK)
This Air Filter by Solid Auto fits all the petrol V6 Elgrands both 3.3 and 3.5.
Price: £6.29
E50 Air filter fits petrol 3.3 and 3.5 V6 engines. (9 IN STOCK)
This quality metal cased air filter element fits all the petrol V6 versions of the E50 and E51
Price: £7.56
E50 Petrol V6 Air Filter (0 IN STOCK)
This Purolator Air filter fits all the Petrol engined V6 3.3 and 3.5 Litre models
Price: £6.70
Air filter for V6 Petrol E50 and E51 models (2 IN STOCK)
This filter fits all the V6 petrol engined range both E50 and E51
Price: £5.07
Air Filter E50 3.0 and 3.2 diesel engine (2 IN STOCK)
This Blueprint air filter fits the E50 3.0 and 3.2 Diesel engined vehicles
Price: £20.13
Petrol Filter E50 V6 3.3 and 3.5 Litre (2 IN STOCK)
This Blueprint Petrol filter fits the E50 V6 3.3 and 3.5 Litre versions.
Price: £7.95
Petrol Filter E50 3.3 and 3.5 V6 engines(OUT OF STOCK)
This QH petrol filter fits the E50 V6 3.3 and 3.5 litre versions
Price: £6.99
E50 Blueprint Diesel Filter. (2 IN STOCK)
This Diesel Filter fits all diesel E50 models.
Price: £9.46
E50 Diesel Fuel Filter for 3.0 and 3.2 Engines (2 IN STOCK)
These Diesel Filters supplied by Solid Auto are made in Japan and fit both the 3.0 and 3.2 Diesel Elgrands,
Price: £7.03
E50 V6 3.5 Litre Longlife Platingum Sparkplugs (1 SETS IN STOCK)
These NGK Platingum Longlife sparkplugs fit the E50 V6 3.5 Litre engine and come as a set of 6. They are designed to last at least 75,000 miles and its a good job they do as they are a little difficult to get to in some Elgrand engine bays,
Price: £78.42
NGK Sparkplug Set for E50 3.3 Litre V6 (1 SET IN STOCK)
These NGK sparkplugs fit the E50 3.3 Litre V6 models and come to you as a set of 6
Price: £21.17
E50 3.5 Litre V6 engine alternator belt. (5 IN STOCK)
This alternator belt fits the Facelift E50 using the 3.5 Litre V6 engine.
Price: £22.35
E50 3.5 Main Drive Belt (2 IN STOCK)
This Alternator / PAS Drivebelt supplied by Solid Autos is made by Dayco a leading European belt manufacturer
Price: £17.17
E50 3.5 V6 Gates Air Con Drive Belt (5 IN STOCK)
Air Con drivebelt to fit the Facelift E50 using the 3.5 Litre V6 engine
Price: £14.12
E50 3.2 TD Alternator or Power Steeing Belt (2 IN STOCK)
This drivebelt made by Gates will fit the E50 3.2TD and is suitable for powering up the Alternator which is the rear belt of the 3 or the Power Steering which is the front belt (PLEASE NOTE IF CHANGING ALL BELTS YOU WILL NEED 2 OF THESE AND AN AIR CON BELT BELOW)
Price: £8.47
E50 3.2 TD Air Con drivebelt (2 IN STOCK)
This Air Con drivebelt made by Gates is the centre belt of the 3. (PLEASE NOTE IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE ALL THE BELTS YOU WILL NEED ONE OF THESE AND TWO OF THE ABOVE BELTS).
Price: £9.41
E50 3.0 NEO Alternator Drivebelt (1 IN STOCK).
This Drivebelt is manufactured by Gates a world leader in drivebelt technology.
Price: £24.70
E50 3.3 V6 Alternator Drive Belt (1 IN STOCK)
These Gates drivebelts fit the E50 3.3 V6 engine models
Price: £20.53
E50 3.3 V6 Power Steering Drivebelt (1 IN STOCK)
This drivbelt made by the leader in drivebelt technology fits the E50 3.3 V6 and runs the Power Seering Pump
Price: £11.74
E50 V6 3.3 Aircon Drive Belt. (1 IN STOCK)
This drivebelt runs the Air Con. Its the first belt on the lower pulley. As always Gates superior quality means it will last.
Price: £21.67
E50 3.3 V6 Timing Belt (1 IN STOCK)
This timing belt will only fit the 3.3 V6 E50 engine. We also suggest that the tensioner be fitted at the same time.
Price: £64.08
E50 3.3 V6 Timing belt tensioner. (1 IN STOCK)
This timing belt tensioner for the E50 3.3 V6 engine is made by Blueprint the top Japanese replacement car parts manufacturer
Price: £62.31
Track Rod End (5 IN STOCK)
This Track Rod End by GMB /Solid Auto comes complete with nut and split pin.
Price: £17.25
E50 Outer Track Rod End (4 IN STOCK)
These Outer Track Rod Ends by Blueprint fit all models of E50 and E51.
Price: £21.17
Outer Steering Track Rod End by DELPHI. (2 IN STOCK)
These track rod ends fit both the E50 and E51 models and produced by a top European parts supplier
Price: £20.45
E50 Inner Steering Tie Rod (4 IN STOCK)
This steering tie rod joins the steering rack to the outer track rod ends and will fit either side. The rod comes complete with the lock nut for the outer track rod end, the inner locking washer and a metal wire wrap to secure the rack boot back knto the rack
Price: £22.85
E50 Steering Rack Boot (4 IN STOCK)
These Steering Rack boots are supplied to us in a universal sizing and are trimed by us to fit your E50 without any more triming and are supplied individually.
Price: £11.60
E50 front lower ball suspension ball joint (1 IN STOCK)
These budget ball joints fit all models of E50 petrol or diesel
Price: £27.06
E50 Front Arm Front Bush (4 IN STOCK)
This bush fits the front suspension arm on all E50 models.
Price: £7.95
SUPERPRO. Poly Front Suspension Arm Front Bush Kit (1 KIT IN STOCK)
This poly bush kit replaces the standard front suspension arm front bushes. (1 kit replaces the front arm front bushes on both arms) PLEASE NOTE THE BUSHES SUPPLIED ARE THE UPRATED BUSH WITH A METAL BUSH EDGE TO PROMOTE LONGER LIFE.
Price: £91.88
E50 Front Suspension arm Rear bush (4 IN STOCK)
This bush fits at the Rear of the Front suspension arm and fits all model E50s from 1997 to 2002
Price: £15.87
SUPERPRO Poly Front Arm Rear Bush Kit. (1 KIT IN STOCK)
This Poly Bush kit replaces the standard front arm rear bushes, locating the lower arms firmly in position. One kit replaces both rear bushes on the front suspension arms.
Price: £57.85
E50 Front Gas Shockabsorbers (PLEASE MESSAGE ME ABOUT SUPPLY)
A pair of standard gas shockabsorbers please contact me to make sure the price is current.
Price: £231.56
E50 Front Anti Roll Bar Link (6 IN STOCK)
This link fits the front of all E50 models and can be used on left or right sides.
Price: £11.88
E50 Front shocker boots (4 IN STOCK)
These shocker boots come complete with a built in bump stop rubber in the top section and are sold individualy
Price: £10.74
E50 Front Strut Bearing (4 IN STOCK)
This bearing is what the steering turns on at the top of the shockabsorber and fits all E50 models
Price: £7.77
E50 Front Wheelbearing kit (4 IN STOCK)
This complete weelbearing kit for one side fits all E50 models and comprises of 2 bearings, 2 grease seals and even the grease.
Price: £48.72
E50 Front Anti Roll Bar Bush 24mm diameter with flange (2 IN STOCK)
This bush has a 24mm diameter hole for the anti roll bar and locating flanges on each side
Price: £3.76
E50 Front Anti Roll Bar Mounting. 27mm diameter bar. Not Flanged. (2 IN STOCK)
This Anti Roll Bar Mounting has a 27mm diameter hole and has no flanges on the side.
Price: £3.80

E50 Rear Anti Roll Bar Bush. 23mm diameter with flanges. (4 IN STOCK)
These bushes fit the rear anti roll bar with a 23mm diameter.
Price: £5.66

E50 Rear Anti Roll Bar Link Top Bush. (6 IN STOCK)
These replacement bushes fit at the top of link part number 0223-E50R (each link uses 2 bushes which are sold individually).
Price: £3.99
E50 Rear Anti Roll Bar Link. (12MM THREADED BALL JOINT)(4 IN STOCK)
This link fits all E50 models with a 12mm ball joint thread.and comes complete with bushes note the bushes are also available on their own
NOTE if yours has a 10mm ball joint thread you will need the links below.
Price: £13.61
E50 Rear Anti Roll Bar Link (10MM THREADED BALL JOINT)(6 IN STOCK)
This anti roll bar link is fitted as an option on some E50 rears, please measure the diameter of the ball joint at the lower end. (If yours is 12MM thead size you will need the link above)
Price: £14.58
SUPERPRO Solid Poly Panard Rod Bush NS (1 IN STOCK)
This bush replaces the rubber void bush on the extreme N/S end of the E50 rear panard rod. It will last a lot longer than the rubber types and locate your rear axle in its correct position.
Price: £47.97
E50 3.2TD Air Inlet Hose (NO STOCK, DUE IN JANUARY)
This air inlet hose is complete with the metal breather hose stub Fits 3.2TD Diesel E50s
Price: £33.86

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